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Osamu Ancient Style Set-Cardamom

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Main fabric: white jacquard cotton fabric, dark jacquard rayon fabric, carmine ice silk chiffon


Twenty-Four Solar Terms-Han




1. Scallop jacquard cotton blouse*1
2. White jacquard trousers*1
3. Light apricot dark pattern floral butterfly embroidered short jacket *1
4. Bird blue rose bright silk pleated skirt*1
5. Flower and bird embroidered woolen hooded cloak*1
6. Embroidered tiger head hat*1
7. Bell-falling tiger head tassel sachet*1
8. Light apricot knitted socks*1 pair
9. Tiger brocade jacquard hand warmer*1
A total of 9 pieces/set

Match Size

AS2022 version 58 female exquisite body can be worn; other brand dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn.
Note: It is recommended to wear this costume for the 2022 version of the 58 female body. The other 58 bodies are not very beautiful. The 60 body and the 62 body cannot wear this costume.


Cardamomis designed based on the Lunar New Year of the Tiger. It uses a lot of tiger elements. It can be cute like a tiger head hat with a tail, a tiger head sachet with a crisp copper bell on a shake, and a playful little tiger pattern. And custom-embroidered tiger-toe shoes, forming a cute and lovely image. The overall style of the clothing is an improved style of Hanfu, and a large number of exquisite original customized embroidery is added to the overall clothing. In order to set off the upcoming New Year, a large area of red and white is used. It’s winter, the furry winter coat with festive hues, plus the embroidered blessing of peace and joy on the hanging strips on the skirt, shake the ball of fur from the tiger head cap, and put both hands in the furry warmer. , The most suitable for playing in the street full of red lanterns in winter and spring festival.
Please take the items out of the bag as gentle as possible to avoid damage caused by some human factors.
This product is not used by real people, and is limited to bjd dolls.

Size Length of clothes Width of shoulders Waist circumference
AS58cm 16cm 12cm 31cm
Size Pants length Waist circumference

Hip circimference

Calf circumference
AS58cm 27cm 20cm 30cm 17cm
Short jacket
Size clothes length shoulder width chest circumference
AS58cm 17cm 16.5cm 38.5
Under skirt
Size Skirt length waistline
AS58cm 30cm 19cm
Size clothes length chest circumference
AS58cm 33cm 43cm

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