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74 Zhou shixian red bridegroom dress

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Silk-like jacquard fabric, Satin, cloth etc


Zhou shixian




White detachable collar x 1, Green pleated skirt x1, Knee-length tunic x1,Green garment with long sleeves x 1, Red ankle-length coat x1, Hair Ribbon x1, Hair Accessory x1 (Total 7 pieces).

Match Size

This set of outfits can be worn by the male body of AS own 74+, 70+/68, or SD16, LUTS 64/CB 66 and DOT etc. For other manufacturers please check all measurements before make any purchases.


Zhou Shi Xian was selected to be the husband of Princess Changping whose father is the last emperor of Ming Dynasty of Ancient China. Before the wedding takes place, the forbidden city has just fallen into the hands of the rebel forces. Fearing that the female members of the royal family will be humiliated by the rebels, the Ming Emperor orders the empress and concubines to commit suicide. When it comes to the turn of Changping, his favourite daughter, he asks her “Why must you be born into the imperial family?”Due to Zhou Shi Xian’s interference, Changping was unable to kill herself. 
Please be careful before you order, the color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product because of different computer displayer.

Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
74cm size 78cm 17.5cm 36cm 36cm 21cm 68cm

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