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Dahan- drink hands

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No. cmwrist circumference  cmwrist circumference  cmwrist circumference  Weight/g
BH122011S 6.1cm (handball circumference) Left hand: 6 (without handball) 7.45 (with handball)
Right hand: 6.7 (without handball)
8.1 (plus handball)
3.8 (left hand)/4.2 (right hand) 43g

(Purchase a hand with a pair of handballs)
The right hand shape was originally designed to touch the head of my sister Xiaohan, but this hand shape can also hold various objects, such as wine glasses, plates, etc. The left hand is the reining hand, which can be used to rein the horse and gallop to test the sword. "Drinking the hand vertically", "vertical" means relaxation and soothing, and the second is vertical and horizontal sword. "Drinking" is a celebration at the end of the year, so you can drink freely, hence the name.
Design inspiration: Dahan is set as a general who gallops on the battlefield. His character is ruthless to the outside world and tender to the inside.
Left-hand posture: holding objects, holding the reins, holding cups, and pulling hands.
Right hand posture: Relax and stretch to touch the head of the sister, flatten the support, and block the sight.
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