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Dahan Ancient Style Suit-Twilight Cloud

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Main fabric: white silk cotton fabric, Yi red cloud crane Tencel jacquard fabric






1. White Collar Silk Cotton Undershirt*1
2. White silk cotton underwear*1
3. Yi Red Cloud Crane Tencel Jacquard Deep Coat*1
4. Ink-colored ironing strips and gilt-lacquer sleeve coat*1
5. Ink dark pattern jacquard double-layer cloak*1
6. Animal face beaded fringed fur collar*1
7. Python leather buckle breastplate*1
8. Python leather buckle shoulder armor*1
9. Python pattern leather red rope arm guard*1 pair
10. Armguard cuff leather buckle belt * 1 pair
11. Heavy industry hanging silver belt *1
12. Tassel tiger head sachet safety charm *1
13. Socks*1 pair

Match Size

 AS74 body can be worn; other brand dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn.


Compared with the cute and loving younger sister Xiaohan, Dahan is a cold-faced and cool brother, who goes out to support his family and disciplines his younger sister. The overall main color of  suit is red and black, which reflects the image of Dahan's cold and chilling; the auxiliary colors are blue and gold, which shows Dahan's actual character of being cold on the outside and hot on the inside. The inner lining is a traditional white lining and trousers. The choice of fabric is a very soft and glutinous silk cotton fabric, and there will be a slightly bright mercerized reflection in the sun. The deep clothes are sleeveless and open on the side, suitable for large-scale movements such as carrying knives and horses. The coat is designed with sleeves and cross-collar, with leather stitching design at the collar, fog blue embroidery on the leather, where clouds and mountains meet. The shoulder armor, breastplate and armguard are all made of animal-pattern leather armor, and the waist is designed with heavy industry asymmetrical belts. A double-layer long cape that hangs on the ground and a detachable long fur collar on the right side with a long black gold animal face fringe on the fur collar. There are many detachable and stackable collocations, you can explore by yourself~
Please be careful before you order, the color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product because of different computer displayer.

Size Length of Coat Shoulder width breast circumference Waist circumference
AS74 male 23cm 15cm 28cm 27cm
Size Length of pants Waist circumference

hip circumference

thigh circumference21.5
AS74 male 44cm 26.5cm 36cm cm
Size Length of Coat Shoulder width breast circumference Waist circumference
AS74 male 64cm 14cm 29cm 26cm
Size Length of Coat Shoulder width breast circumference Waist circumference wrist circumference
AS74 male 62cm 15cm 30cm 28cm 10cm
Size wrist circumference
AS74 male 10cm

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