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1/3 Gothic style Lolita skirt-Nightwish

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Main:Chiffon fabric


1/3 Moon Rabbit




Puffy sleeves and lace decorated one-piece blouse x 1;    
Black sleeveless jacket x 1;
Black polka dots long leg mesh sock x1;
Duke of Rabbit printed Lolita style skirt x1;
Royal blue satin skirt x1;
Imi pearls necklace x1;
Black lace headband with bows and faux rabbit ears x1; 
White puffy faux rabbit tail x1.
Total 8 items. 

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Designed for AS58 exquisite body. If to be worn on dolls made by other manufacturers please check the measurements before make a purchase.


We named this set of outfits Nightwish which the inspiration comes from a dark Lolita Moon Rabbit who loves eating moon cake that contains mixed nuts. Our designer picked the Duke of Rabbit as the main print which emphasis that the Rabbit is the sole character of this theme. Other elements such as laces, bows, imi pearls etc. are adopted into this design to attract girls attention and they are key decorations of Lolita style. In order to make the outfits to be more interesting, we also developed a headband with faux rabbit ears and a puffy rabbit tail which after worn could make the wearer plays as a rabbit in BJD shape.

Please unpack all items gently to avoid any man caused damages. Items are made for BJD only.

 One-piece blouse
Size Shoulder Chest Waist Hipline
AS58cm 8.5cm 23cm 15cm 25cm
Sleeve less jacket
Size Neck Shoulder
AS58cm 8.5cm 9.8cm
Size Waist Hipline
AS58cm 18cm 29cm

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