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Sixiang Antique Set - Dyeing Incense

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Main fabric: white scratched fabric, dark pattern chiffon fabric


The Classic of Mountains and Seas - Sixiang




1. Contrast color linen satin wide-sleeved skirt*1
2. Tethered bell wide-sleeved cross-collar shirt*1
3. Tuanhua intercolor pleated skirt *1
4. Pink dark pattern flower cardigan*1
5. Broken branch peony with patterned silk*1
6. Palace wall red treasure phase flower drapery*1
7. Carmine bead necklace*1
8. Nanhong Pressed Lapel Yingluo Waist Ornament*1
A total of 8 pieces/set

Match Size

AS62, 60 body can be worn; other brands of dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn.


The design of Dyeing incense is inspired by the image of the goddess who is bright, noble and surrounded by flowers. The overall style is a wide robe with large sleeves and a floor-length skirt, which looks swaying and fluttering. Among them, the inner skirt is an improved chest-length skirt, which is more elegant and graceful when worn alone. The collar design of the middle shirt just exposes some parts of the chest of the inner skirt, which enriches the sense of layers and highlights the graceful figure. The red rope design on the chest is connected to the small bells at the back waist, and there are jingle bells when moving, as if Xianle. The Kezi skirt is custom printed, and the flower pattern echoes the outer shirt. The jacket is designed on the front, and it is also a wide robe with large sleeves. The double-layer semi-transparent contrasting color drapery, fluttering softly, increases the feeling of immortal air fluttering. The complicated and heavy-duty Yingluo waist ornaments hang down from the waist, like a goddess stepping into the mundane world.
Please be careful before you order, the color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product because of different computer displayer.

Size skirt length shoulder width chest circumference waistline
AS62cm 48.5cm 12cm 27cm 19cm
inner clothes
Size clothes length shoulder width

chest circumference

AS62cm 15.5cm 13.5cm 25.5cm
outer clothes
Size clothes length shoulder width chest circumference waistline
AS62cm 62.5cm 18.5cm 33.5cm 28cm
Size skirt length waistline
AS62cm 48.5cm 20cm
waist accessory
Size waistline
AS62cm 24cm

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