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60 default hands (20 version)

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No. Hands waist circumference Hands length Hands width Weight(g)
BH322064 4.8cm handball Left hand: 6.0
Right hand: 6.0
2.7 (left hand)/2.7 (right hand) 20.5g

This hand shape has a gentle orchid finger, the little finger is slightly warped, the index finger is slightly raised, the thumb is relatively relaxed, and the hand shape is generally soft, which is convenient for everyone to wear clothes and makes it more beautiful. The hand shape is suitable for various ancient styles.
Note: This hand shape is the default hand shape of AS60 version 20.
From June 11, 2022, AS60 and 62 officials will be paired with Yong Lan (handball separation form).
Precautions: Please be as gentle as possible when taking items out of the bag to avoid damage caused by some human factors.

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