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58 default hands (17 version)

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No. Hands waist circumference Hands length Hands width Weight(g)
BH322063 4.8cm ( circumference of handball) Left hand: 5.2 (without handball) 
6.3 (with handball)
Right hand: 5.1 (without handball)
6.2 (with handball)
3.2 (left hand)/3.0 (right hand) 19g

(Purchase a hand will send a pair of handballs as a gift)

This hand design is slender than fingers, with girly orchid fingers, and the hand shape is suitable for all kinds of antique styles.
Note: This hand shape is the default hand shape of AS58 female body and AS62 female body(2018)
From June 11, 2022, the AS58 female body official will be equipped with a cheek supporter (handball separation type).
Precautions: Please be as gentle as possible when taking items out of the bag to avoid damage caused by some human factors.

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