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1/3 Youth -62 Chang e chinese ancient fullset - Jin Ling

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Pure silk chiffon, colorful silk chiffon, colorful mesh, satin, fabric chiffon, etc.


Chang e




Outer coat *1; upper *1; skirt *1; outer skirt *1; band *1; waist band *1; 

Match Size

AS 1/3 female body, 62 female body, kindly check the measurements for its ability to other brands.


This design is designed according to the Dunhuang Feitian series. It incorporates the styles of women clothing in Tang Dynasty and the techniques of modern fashion. So as to enrich the level of modeling. In terms of fabrics, a large number of materials, textures and colorful fabrics are used for matching design, continuous printing to embroider fabrics, outlining the feminine plump and soft posture; a variety of colorful fabrics combination, so that it adds a mysterious image of fairy and elegant temperament. In addition, a large number of imported rice beads, metal flowers, pearls, water drills, shells, pearls, chains, colorful ribbons, ironing ribbons and other combinations of embellishment, making the garment more exquisite and luxurious. On the whole, the shape of the fairies is dressed up in the clothes of the neon and the beautiful imagination of the moon's shadow.
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Loose coat
Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
62cm size 75 15 33 33 20 120
Size Skirtlength Circumference Of waist

Circumference of hip

Circumference of thigh Circumference of bottoms
62cm size          

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