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1/3 Queen Daisy Dress

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Main fabrics: satin, embroidery fabrics, Tencel, organza, bronzing wool-like, velvet fabrics, etc.; auxiliary fabrics: rhinestones, lace, crystals, baroque pearls, pearls, zircons, ribbons, etc.


1/3 daisy/ AS 16th anniversary




1. Princess crown*1 2. Necklace*1 3. Dress*1 4. Outer skirt*1 5. Wings*1 6. Queen's crown*1 7. Cloak*1 8. Scepter*1 9. Ornaments* 1

Match Size

AS 1/3 youth/58cm、60cm、62cm are all matched, kindly check the others as per the data provided above


The design of this style is inspired by the imperial court attire. Similar colors are selected in color. The embroidery of the same color design is very elegant and restrained. The fabrics of different materials are used to draw distances in layers, but they can also highlight the blend of textures. color. The high-waisted design lines on the style outline the feminine curves, and the lantern sleeves add a bit of girly sweetness and cuteness. The simple crown, the combination of zircon and pearl, is gorgeous and playful. The wings made of organza, the feathers are distinct, and the different combinations of materials in each area show different beauty. The bright red velvet cape, bronzing and white fur piping, with large lapel, noble and elegant. The crown of pearls and gems combined with Crow's heart is a symbol of status. The sceptre with retro metal texture and the relief of hollow crystal all represent the supreme power.
Please take the items out of the bag as gentle as possible to avoid damage caused by some human factors.
This product is not used by real people, and is only for bjd dolls.

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