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1/3 62CM Youth ancient girl clothes fullset - Brocade

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Jacquard fabric, silk lace fabric, printing fabric, water beads fabrics, double color laser gauze.


The 24 solar terms --- Light Snow




Out coat; undergarment covering the chest and abdomen; inner skirt; out skirt; bang; necklace.

Match Size

AS 1/3(high heel leg), 62 female body, also suitable for high heel leg and big breast. kindly check the measurements for its ability to other brands.


This dress is mainly composed of blue purple. The shape combines the characteristics of women's clothing in flourishing Tang Dynasty, and then integrates into modern clothing elements to improve design. A variety of styles and clothing wear fun; For the fabrics, it uses of a large number of materials, texture and color of different fabric combination collocation, the fabric of blue laser material, very good outline lines and people feminine bottom for the mysterious and beautiful imagination; with white fabric and blue bronzing gauze. The addition of a fairy and elegant temperament on the basis of the original; For the accessories, it uses of a large number of imported imported pearls, beads, rhinestones, metal pieces, imported embroidery pieces, large beads, silver hot combination of embroidery embellishment, making clothing modelling more delicate and had luxury.

Loose coat
Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
1/3 size 75 14.5 32 34 17 10
Size Skirtlength Circumference Of waist

Circumference of hip

Circumference of thigh Circumference of bottoms
1/3 size 62 20 - - 220

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