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AS1/3, 62cm the Heian court Fullset/Sang

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Jacquard brocade, acetic acid forging, printing cotton, and so on






Coat 1, underwear 1, the next skirt 1, girdle 1, after the tow 1, false collar 1, a total of 6 sets.

Match Size

AS 62 female body with flat feet, normal breast. Also suitable with 1/3 female body. Pls check the measurements for its ability to other brands.


This costumes design reference to the traditional Japanese dress, combined with new design inspiration. Color on the use of soft Makarong color, pink jacquard brocade coat with a fresh gradient of the green pleated skirt, highlighting the unique pure sweet girls. The tail of the gauze tied to the waist, the atmosphere graceful. Clothing accessories all hand-made, the use of metal flower pieces, ribbons, pearls, with the letter, ceramic flowers, and so on.There are many different styles of clothing, can be simple and generous, but also wear a grand luxury temperament;

Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
1/3 size 68 15.5 30 31 15 59
Size Length of trousers Circumference Of waist

Circumference of hip

Circumference of thigh Circumference of bottoms
1/3 size 36 20 - - 130

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