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62cm youth ancient Chinese clothing ·snow

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Jacquard fabric, silk, silk-like chiffon, silver silk brocade


Xi Shi




1.Head-wear; 2.necklace ;3.belt ;4 long ribbon;5 Waist chain;6 waistband;7 ornaments;8 Upper garment (Inner clothes);9 Skirt;10 Outer coat。

Match Size

AS 1/3 youth girl; AS 62 youth girl(include 62cm big breast body). Pls check the measurements for its ability to other brands.


Style: Ancient Chinese clothing
Color: white/silver
Main material:Inner clothes is made of  silk-like chiffon, and the out coat is made of brocade. We use chiffon to make the skirt.
Accessories:it is the custom designed with ethereal ancient Chinese flavor and it is made of brilliant silver thread made Chinese brocade and various glistening ornament,
Tips: Metal accessories should be properly kept, so as to prevent long time exposed to air, water damage, perspiration or drugs lead to oxidation, it is recommended to use transparent armor oil seal coating protection or preserved.
design features:This set of white  ancient  dress for the customer was inspired by "goddess".Garments' integral color is white, the fabric texture is lightsome and elegant;Exaggerated hair delicate and elegant.The elegant and mysterious white goddess.

Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
1/3 size 50 15 34 30 15 41
Size Length of trousers Circumference Of waist

Circumference of hip

Circumference of thigh Circumference of bottoms
1/3 size 50 17 - - 190

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